Create an Android project

Create an android project in android studio is easy!.

Open android studio - File - New- Projects

If you are opening first time, the windows will be different as showing the image below.

Click on "Start a new Android Studio Project" and go through the widgets to create the project.

 In the Choose your project window, select Empty Activity and click Next.

 In the Configure your project window, complete the following:

1. Enter "My First App" as project name in the Name field.

2. Enter "com.example.myfirstapp" in the Package name field.

3. If you'd like to place the project in a different folder, change its Save location.

4. Select either Java or Kotlin from the Language drop-down menu.

5. Select the checkbox next to Use androidx.* artifacts.

6. Leave the other options as they are.

5. Click Finish.
After some processing time, the Android Studio main window appears.

Please watch the video tutorial below: